What does a Music Publisher Do?

Music publishing is how musicians, composers, and songwriters earn the bulk of their income. Royalties on music that is recorded, sold, performed, streamed or licensed to others, such as in TV or movies, must be collected and the music publisher is responsible for collection and distribution of those royalties.

Royalties are one the least understood mysteries in music. Many artists don’t fully understand all about royalties since it’s complicated and the least fun side of the music business. The music business is a business and not just the creation and performance of music. It is, however, the very essential side of the music business to bring in revenue streams. Kinds of royalties include but are not limited to performance, mechanical and master royalties.

Sly Angel Publishing

Sly Angel Publishing is an independent music publisher and registered with ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers). ASCAP is a performing rights organization that is membership run. Membership is well over 600,000 just in the United States. Members include composers, lyricists, musicians and other publishing houses creating all types of music. The organization has agreements internationally with other rights organizations for the protection of copyrights worldwide. (Click the link here to learn more about ASCAP’s site for more information.)


We are located in NYC but have licensed music for musicians in more than just the United States.

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